I believe that your home is an investment worth maintaining and improving. That is why I provide homeowners with an affordable home improvement solution focused on providing a stress-free experience so you can enjoy your home and get the most out of your investment. Love the home you live in!

Florida is a handyman friendly state so there is a wide range of services I can offer to save you lots of money.I offer a range of services to help you to achieve the desired results from basic home repairs, maintenance, improvements and other handyman services.

General Home Maintenance And Repairs

Around the house, there are always things that need to be repaired and our residential home repair services are designed around your needs and lifestyle.  Our home repair contractors are fully qualified to carry out repairs of all kinds. Whether it is a one-time repair project that you have in mind or a regular repair and maintenance schedule, we have repair services that can fit your needs.

House Renovation Services near me in Florida

Small Plumbing Repairs

Almost every homeowner or renter has a few essential tools on hand to cope with minor plumbing emergencies. Many times, a clogged toilet or slow drain may only need a little elbow grease and a plunger to work as intended. If you’re handy around the house, you can generally tackle a small repair such as changing out a worn washer or replacing a drain cover. However, bigger plumbing repair jobs need professional attention. Trying to repair some common issues such as slow drains or leaking toilets could lead to bigger problems later.

Drywall Repairs

Professional drywall repair and maintenance is important to keep your home looking great. Whether you nicked the wall while moving furniture or need to cover an unsightly hole, our drywall contractors have seen and repaired it all.We won’t just make the necessary repairs. We’ll also take measures to identify why and how the drywall was damaged (leaking roof or poor ventilation) and take proactive steps to prevent the problem from happening again. If the drywall is beyond repair, we can help remove the damaged drywall and install new drywall.

Interior Paint

If you’re painting over a wall with a paint that is close to the previous color, then in general, you don’t need to prime existing paint.

Repaint the wall with at least two coats of your new color. If you’re painting over a dark color with a lighter one, you might need more than two coats to stop the previous color from showing through. If that’s the case, using a primer or basic white matte emulsion for the first coat (or two if it’s really dark) is a more cost-effective option than using the more expensive colored paint for all the coats. Unfortunately, you don’t always discover that in time.

All Kinds Of Installations

If you need installation service, I can help. I can take care of most types of installation projects for your home such as installations of: Doors, Faucets, Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures, Shelving, Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans and Much More!

Any Kind Of Assembly Work

My commitment to your satisfaction is what sets me apart from my competitors. My pledge to “go the extra mile to leave with you a smile”. I do all types of assembly work such as furniture, shelving, equipment and IKEA furniture. When you book me for any assembly project, you can rest assured all the work will be done correctly.

Honey-Do Lists

Do you have a wide variety of projects that need to be completed? Don’t spend the time and money hiring specialists for each project on your honey-do list. Instead, make one call to the professionals at Service First. Our technicians are skilled in a variety of home maintenance and repair services, so they can easily tackle everything on your list. From simple tasks like changing light bulbs to the more complex projects like installing new bathroom fixtures, cross off all items on your honey-do list quickly and cost-effectively.